Complete Building Evaluations

Building Evaluations, Inspections, 40 year Recertification

Basulto & Associates is much more than just an inspection company; we are a full service professional engineering firm with more than 30 years of experience in the building industry. We have a staff of licensed/registered professional engineers, plan examiners, building commissioning agents and inspectors bringing all our expertise and knowledge to every project, site visit and inspection.

What is a 40 year recertification?

Recertification is required by ordinance to guarantee that the structural & electrical components of a building are safely up to code for continued use.

Why do you need a 40 year recertification?

Under the amended Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 75-34 & Broward County Chapter I - Section 109.16

It is required for every commercial building and residential building with more than 3 units to receive a recertification after the 40th year and every subsequent 10 years.

It is the responsibility for every property owner to appoint an engineer with the acquired skills and certifications to conduct the inspection to make sure the building is up to code.