Vertical Transportation

Elevators, Escalators, Conveyors

Providing elevator and escalator consulting services exclusively for vertical transportation systems and equipment.

  • Due diligence
  • Equipment audits and evaluation
  • Inspection services
  • Construction services

Due Diligence

Vertical transportation is one of the most valuable resources of a building. Basulto & Associates will conduct inspections of the building's elevator and escalator system to make certain they are conforming to the proper codes and are in good working order.

Our report will include an in-depth analysis of the performance and condition of the elevator ad escalator equipment with recommendations for modification or modernization as well as cost and estimated timeliness.

Equipment Audits and Evaluations

Proper elevator maintenance is necessary to ensure quality performance. When faced with a possible accident on an elevator or escalator the focus is generally directed to the building owner.

We will provide preventive maintenance audits that include evaluating the equipment and the contract of the assigned elevator and escalator vendor. Basuklto & Associates goal is to assist building owners and managers understand these requirements about their vertical transportation system.

Inspection Services

Annual safety inspections, code compliance inspections, new installation, modernization and major repairs contract compliance inspections.